Gap-fill exercise

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We all know stories about people with (except) memories who have the (able) to remember hundreds of numbers after hearing them only once. Now experts are saying that such feats can be taught.
For example, most people can (repetition) about nine numbers if they are read out one a second. In one experiment, ten hours’ training (product) only a small (improve)., but the results after practising for a thousand hours were (amaze): some people remembered 80 or even 100 numbers. Similarly, most adults can (identity) only about five out of a set of 21 colours that are only (slight) different. But after 80 training hours one person could recognise 18 of them. Studies of 76 major (compose) show that it took at least ten years of (music) training before any of them wrote a major work. Psychologists are therefore raising the (possible) that genius is the product of teaching.